Safety Alert: Electrical equipment to be isolated when not in use



Following a recent fire in a Somerset School the investigation of the fire discovered that the dials on an Electric Mini Oven, Double Hotplate Hob & Baking Tray (pictured in the attached document) are extremely sensitive and easy to move, even by bushing past or leaning over them, which in this case played an important role in the resulting fire.

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The electric mini oven was left connected to the live power supply in a school after use which was then unknowingly turned on at the knob, by an unknowing member of staff.  Plastic/paper materials had also been left on the hot plates, melted, and smouldered which triggered the alarm and a full fire evacuation. The Fire Service arrived and dealt with the issue. No one was harmed.

Please see the attached document regarding the Electric Mini Oven and fire safety factors. 

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the information attached or above, please contact CSHU@somerset.gov.uk. 

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