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A new staff benefit has been launched for employees at Somerset County Council maintained schools. With Hatch you can book two FREE no-obligation sessions with a Financial Coach, during which they will build a financial plan for you.

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In addition to Salary Finance savings and loans, Somerset County Council has launched a new staff benefit from Hatch financial planning.

With Hatch, you can now get your own financial plan, showing how you could be thousands of pounds better off.

To get started, please book a FREE Financial Planning session with Hatch. Sessions last around 20 minutes.

Your Hatch Financial Coach will then use their technology to build you financial plan which they will talk you through in a follow-up phone call. Your financial plan will show:

·         How your wealth might grow over the years ahead

·         How much better off you could be 

·         How on track you could be for all your goals (e.g., property, raising children, retirement, etc.)

·         How to get there - bite-sized actions across spending, savings, investments, pensions, mortgages, life insurance and wills

So, if you’d like some financial peace of mind, please book a FREE Financial Planning session now

If you have any questions please email support@hatchplan.co.uk.


Please note, if you have particularly complex financial needs, the full Hatch service may not be your best option, in which case Hatch will offer to refer you to a specialist adviser. This includes those over 55, with retirement planning needs.

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