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Wessex Water are carrying out compliance inspections in all education establishments under the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. They did a number of establishments in the West Somerset area last year and will be expanding this over the coming few years to the whole of their district.

They will be in contact prior to their visit to make an appointment and will require your caretaker, premises manager or responsible person to accompany them around the premises as they will be unfamiliar with the layout.

Following their visit, they will issue a report to you listing any contraventions to the regulations they have discovered. These contraventions will have a time line for rectification. When you have completed the work you should contact Wessex Water using the contact details on the report they send you and they will reinspect and confirm compliance has been achieved.

Where you buy SSE Property Core Service or Compliance you could ask your Area Engineer to be present during the inspection or contact them on receipt of your report to advise on the works required to achieve compliance.

SCC and SSE engineers will be meeting with Wessex Water in the coming weeks to discuss the process, findings to date and expected outcomes.

Please cooperate fully with Wessex Water inspectors as they have a regulatory responsibility and their visit will help you fulfil your statutory responsibilities.

If you have concerns about your water supply or water quality you can contact Dave Hollex, tel. 07884114647 dave.hollex@wessexwater.co.uk or Steve Reade, tel. 07836266645 steve.reade@wessexwater.co.uk  at Wessex Water to seek assistance and possibly accelerate your establishment in the process.

Also, if you are completing any works where a water fitting is installed, altered, connected or disconnected by an approved contractor, the contractor shall upon completion of the work furnish a signed certificate stating whether the water fitting complies with the requirements of the Regulations to the person who commissioned the work. Wessex Water are happy to advise on this if you need guidance.

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