Target audience: secondary school library staff and teachers

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Course outline:

Using the internet for research has many benefits but it can also encourage a 'cut and paste' culture.  As custodians of a vast pool of information resources and material, it is essential that school library staff have a good all-round knowledge of Copyright and Plagiarism legislation so that they are able to respond to questions raised and identify infringements if they occur.  This highly practical course will concentrate on understanding the importance of academic honesty, what constitutes plagiarism and cultural differences, spotting offences including online solutions such as Turnitin and teaching referencing styles.  It will cover activities such as photocopying, loans of DVDs, software and downloading images from the internet, licences and the penalties imposed on students if they are 'caught out' in public examinations.

Benefits of attending:

This course will enable you to:

  • Understand what is meant by plagiarism and why some students choose to cheat
  • Learn simple exercises to use with your students to teach academic honesty
  • Help to formulate an Academic Honesty policy for your whole school
  • Be aware of current copyright legislation​


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