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As from the 1st November Somerset County Council has gone live with a new Occupational Health provider, Health Management Ltd.

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Any referrals will now need to be processed through their online portal. OH policies and procedures will be updated over the next few weeks to reflect the changes, including a user guide, portal address and contact numbers.  

You will not be able to access the new portal until you have registered your requirement to use it.  This can be done by emailing HROD@somerset.gov.uk.  An email will then be sent to you with a link for you to register on the new portal.  This link is only active for 3 days and will need to be requested again should you not register in time.  Please do not register to use the service until you have a requirement to do so.

Any open cases that were being processed with the previous provider, Optima (OH Assist), will be transferred to the new provider, unless they are ill health retirement cases.  The ill health retirement ones started with Optima will be completed by them.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact HROD@somerset.gov.uk or your allocated HR Adviser.

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