WIN 7 Support Withdrawal - Impact on Somerset Schools



Microsoft’s intention to cease Extended Support for WIN 7, Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 on 14th January 2020 may still adversely affect some Somerset Schools.

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The primary impact of the change is that schools without effective Microsoft security updates and support going forward will be increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks - specifically ransomware and malware.

Severe cases of this could result in schools being disallowed access to internet facilities until they have been made secure.  For the majority this would mean updating all their operating software to the latest supported operating system – WIN 10.

The Schools ICT Team - a traded team within SCC’s Corporate ICT function - provide efficient and very cost-effective ICT support to any Somerset schools that wish to use them. They have already been responding to very high levels of requests for help on the WIN 7 issue and have recently taken on additional staff to cope with the growing demand. For more information, please see document. WIN 7 Support Withdrawal - Reminder (2).doc

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