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Some Somerset schools are being targeted with suspicious phone calls regarding their IT - caution advised.

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Common scams include:

  • A cold caller claiming to be from a big company like Microsoft, saying there is a problem with your device and they need to access it to fix it or that that your internet connection will be disconnected uunless you follow their instructions.
  • Unsolicited emails with attached security updates that are in fact viruses.
  • Being asked for credit card details to validate your software.

Genuine computer companies won’t call or email you out of the blue asking for personal or financial information or to fix your computer.

Follow this advice to stay safe:

  • Delete suspicious emails without opening any attachments or replying to them.
    Hang up immediately on cold callers who claim there is a problem with your computer or ask you for personal or financial information.

If you are worried there may be a problem with your computer, you should contact your school IT provider using the phone number on their paperwork or website.

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