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The new School Closures system for schools is now available at: https://www.somerset.gov.uk/school-closures (view the list of school closures). Schools can submit their school closure using their SLP login details at: https://somersetschoolclosures.org.uk/. This replaces the School Closures system on SLP.

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The website for logging school closures has changed. In future, the new website address to log a school closure is now http://somersetschoolclosures.org.uk. Both maintained schools and academies can access this site using any device. If you are using a SCC network device, you should be logged in automatically, but if you are using an external device, you will need to log in using your educ.somerset.gov.uk email address.  Whilst the decision to close a maintained school remain with the Head, in conjunction with the chair of governors, your school may have an identified Business Manager/administrator who is designated the task of uploading the closure. If this is the case, or if you as the Head, logs a closure please follow the following guidance.

In the first instance, we would like you to upload a closure for test purposes so that you are familiar with the new site and can check that the closure has been uploaded successfully. Guidance on how to upload a closure is located in Guidance for Schools, (found in the SCC H&S Extranet) via the following link: http://extranet.somerset.gov.uk/EasysiteWeb/getresource.axd?AssetID=139936&servicetype=Attachment. Once uploaded successfully, the school closure will be posted on https://www.somerset.gov.uk/school-closures/.

Academy schools will be responsible for the decision making and upload of their own closures. Please contact the IT helpdesk if you require a login to access this site to be able to upload your closure.

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​Steve Dorrall at SDorrall@somerset.gov.uk

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