Aspiring teachers to benefit from simpler application process



New service will be piloted across England, starting in the South West, and will be easier to use for both candidates and training providers.

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​Aspiring teachers will benefit from a simpler application process to get into teaching following the launch of a brand-new service.

Designed to better meet the needs of potential trainees applying for teacher training, it will ensure universities and schools can make the best decisions on matching applicants with teacher training courses.

The government signalled its determination to attract the best talent into teaching and recognise the great work of hardworking teachers by raising teachers’ starting salaries to £30,000 – among the most competitive in the graduate labour market.

The South West will be first to benefit from the pilot, before it is rolled out across England to fully replace the existing UCAS service from October 2021. Universities providing teacher training will also be able to join the pilot from October 2020.

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