International Year of Sound 2020



The International Year of Sound was launched in Paris at the start of February and is intended to trigger global initiatives to highlight the importance of sound, and the science and technology related to sound. So, as I enter my thirtieth year as acoustic advisor to SCC, I intend to do my bit to support this initiative.

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This international event might help to highlight how sound within the educational environment has hidden effect on us; the reverberation of sound can make children noisy, it can blur the audibility of weaker speech sounds, it can worsen behaviour, and it can disengage children from interaction. During this year ahead I would hope managers, teachers and governors might reflect on how sound is integral to their working and social lives, how it has significance to their wellbeing, development, productivity and social engagement, and how it should receive recognition in school activities and the planning of development, or refurbishment projects.

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