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The Government continues to expect early years providers, schools and colleges to remain open, however the changing advice around self-isolation has raised concerns and increased the risk around schools having sufficient staff to do this.

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Therefore, we have attached the latest Somerset guidance on school closures and how to log any on the website  http://somersetschoolclosures.org.uk.  

A link to this document is also shown below


Both maintained schools and academies can access this site using any device. If you are using a SCC network device, you should be logged in automatically, but if you are using an external device, you will need to log in using your educ.somerset.gov.uk email address.  

Once uploaded successfully, the school closure will be posted on https://www.somerset.gov.uk/school-closures/.

If you are experiencing difficulties please contact the IT helpdesk if you require a login so you can access this site. Contact details are shown below.

ICT Helpdesk Contact Details:

The Local Authority will continue to communicate with schools which are closed using the weekly schools bulletin – sent to each schools email addresses.

Schools will continue to play a key role in the Local Area’s safeguarding and SEND functions even if they are closed. We would expect schools to continue to access these key communications and respond in a timely manner to requests including:

  • Information from Children’s Social Care in relation to safeguarding concerns.
  • Consultations as part of the Education, Health & Care Plan process.

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