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Next Steps South West offers teachers and school staff to receive up-to-date information on higher education and opportunities for students in the region. To sign up to the Schools & Colleges newsletter head to https://nextstepssw.ac.uk/newsletter-signup/.

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NSSW would also like be grateful if schools/colleges can encourage sign-up to the NSSW parent and student newsletters. Would it be possible to also ask your school/college to include this in your school’s newsletters please:


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To learn more, get tips and access free resources about higher education and other opportunities in the region, please sign up to the Next Steps South West parent or student newsletter at https://nextstepssw.ac.uk/newsletter-signup/

NSSW provides impartial advice on higher education, and holds events and activities designed to inspire students aged 13-19 to fulfil their potential. NSSW is a collaboration of fourteen universities and colleges throughout Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, as part of the Uni Connect programme.


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