Temporary change in reporting faults



In light of the current situation, can you please note the temporary change in reporting faults that are a Priority 1 or 2 as from 4.30pm today (18th March)

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​If you have a Priority 1 or 2 repair within your property that needs to be carried out, please contact 07768 801626 instead of the normal office number (01823 355358) or contact your Area Building Surveyor or Engineer who will be able to assist you.
The number 07768 801626 is also the out of hours number which will still be in operation.
All Priority 3, 4 and 5 requests should still be raised through the website.
Can you please provide appropriate contact details if contractors need to arrange access to visit your site.
Please note that the 01823 355358 number will not be answered after 4.30pm today.

Contact Details

​01823 355358

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