SIMS 2020 Spring Upgrade Notification



The Spring 2020 upgrade was made available by Capita on Friday 13th March and original plans were to release this to supported schools over several nights during w/c 23/03/2020. Due to the situation with COVID-19 and schools closing this will now not happen until a date in the future, yet to be determined.

Main News Story

​The key changes in this upgrade are for Key Stage testing, School Census and end of financial year.  Release notes for the upgrade can be found at:

SIMS:  http://simspublications.com/273645/assets/sims_spring_2020_combined_release_note.pdf

FMS:  http://simspublications.com/273645/assets/fms_spring_2020_release_note.pdf

Discover:  http://simspublications.com/273645/assets/discover_spring_2020_release_note.pdf

Should any school want the upgrade released now, then please log a call through the helpline, and we will arrange the release of the upgrade to you.   


Contact Details

Tel: 01823 355090 Email: icthelpdesk@educ.somerset.gov.uk


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