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The DBS have confirmed temporary changes with immediate effect that allow verifiers to check an applicant’s ID virtually and for this to then be scanned in and sent to the verifier.

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The applicant will be required to present the original versions of those documents when they first attend their employment or voluntary role. This should allow DBS checks to continue, which is great news, more information can be found here

We are also looking at the option of utilising previous DBS checks from other employers/organisations where there is a business critical need to enable an individual to start or change role, subject to a new DBS for the role being submitted, this will reduce delays in starting employment. We are looking into these options at present and will need to review case by case to ensure the DBS is relevant and valid.

The Disclosure Team will be using the E-DBS Landing Page (sign in to E-DBS and click on the SCC logo) to communicate any new information with verifiers. You can contact us via our team mailbox disclosure@somerset.gov.uk which is monitored regularly.

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