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You’ll be aware Ofsted and CQC inspectors visited Somerset in March to assess how well our support across the Council, education and health was working for children and young people with SEND and their families.

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By now we hope you have had time to digest the findings of the report  - available here.

The inspectors identified areas of significant weakness and have asked service leaders to put together a Written Statement of Action to address these.

Everyone working within services that support children and young people or vulnerable adults  - whether at the Council, in education and health settings or other support services - of course has a pivotal role in this.  There are important changes and improvements we need to make and we need everybody to understand what is required and how we intend to effect this change.

It would be natural at this point to feel disappointed by the findings of the report but please try to remain positive. We know everybody works incredibly hard and inspectors pointed out clear areas where things were working well, and where staff were making a real difference to the lives of families.

We all have a responsibility to work towards improving our services and outcomes for families – let’s use any disappointment we may feel to spur us on to make those positive changes.

Please take some time as soon as possible to work through the briefing we’ve prepared for you – it covers the inspection process, the findings and what happens now.

You can access it here.

The audio presentation is approximately 10 minutes long and it’s really important -  so please, as soon as you can factor that into your schedule. Grab a coffee, view it, and start the conversation with colleagues about what it means for you.​

Please share this with all staff. 

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