Somerset Transgender Inclusivity Guidance



The Somerset Transgender Inclusivity Guidance, coproduced by 2BU and the Somerset Educational Psychology Service, was issued to schools in 2018 has been widely welcomed and appreciated. There has however been a legal challenge to similar guidance issued by Oxfordshire County Council which is being supported by the Safe Schools Alliance.

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We understand that there is national guidance due to be published later on this year and we will review the Somerset Guidance following receipt of this.

The legal challenges that could also apply to the original Somerset Guidance were in the following sections:

  • Toilets
  • PE and Sport
  • Residential Trips.

Whilst we are reviewing the Somerset guidance we advise, in respect of the above:

That schools should provide neutral spaces that children and young people can use if they are not comfortable with the space that they are in.

This is now reflected in the revision attached here - Somerset Transgender Inclusivity Guidance.docx. Other advice, information and guidance within this document remains relevant.​

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