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The DFE have agreed to fund £15 a week for food for free school meals for students entitled to free school meals for the summer of 2020. Please visit here for more information:

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Year 11 Leavers: End Date

It is currently not clear whether year 11 students who, very often would have left the school roll on the last Friday in June, will be counted by the DfE in their estimations and as part of their eligibility cross checking. SCC are working to secure clarity around this, and will provide further information as soon as possible.

Whilst this clarification is being sort, SCC now advise the following action for schools regarding the end date of year 11 students to reflect the updated DfE guidance. This is to best support schools to ensure minimised risks around claiming for the COVID-19 Summer Food fund.​

Schools should:

  • Apply a leaving date for non-FSM year 11 students of 26th June 2020.
  • Remove the leaving date for year 11 students in receipt of FSM or those who may be eligible for the COVID-19 Summer Food Fund.

This will enable the school to add a backdated leaving date for these pupils at an appropriate time in the future once clarification is received on eligibility or vouchers have been ordered and secured.

If you need any assistance in amending or removing leaving dates please contact the SIMS Support Helpline on 01823 355090.

Alternatives to Edenred

Where eligible families would be unable to access any of the supermarkets available through using Edenred eGift cards, schools can make alternative voucher arrangements with a local supermarket that is not listed above.

Schools can claim for the £90 per pupil costs incurred in supporting benefits-related free school meal pupils through this alternative support during the summer holiday period.

Schools can claim for this through the exceptional costs fund in the autumn, providing schools have ordered their vouchers one week before their school term ends. Further details on when and how schools can claim for this will be confirmed in due course. Read more about claiming for exceptional costs associated with coronavirus (COVID-19).​

Rural Families

In rural areas we have been providing food boxes as 10% of our pupils are not served by Edenred Supermarkets (Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Waitrose, M&S food, Aldi, McColl’s and Martin’s). As expected families do seem to prefer the option of buying their own food and therefore we have looked at how all Somerset families can access the vouchers. This will mean that the food boxes will stop from the end of the summer term.

Schools can make arrangements for other local supermarkets.

Families who find it difficult to travel to the shops

For those families who are not able to travel, we with have partnered with Somerset Community Foundation Village Agents who will work with families to ensure they can get their food:

  • The village agents will help families secure on line supermarket delivery slots. This will be helped by DFRA  securing additional supermarket delivery slots for rural homes and in West Somerset, the area most challenged by the lack of Eden Red Supermarkets the Opportunity Area  has funded pupils laptops which will help the families connectivity.  The Village agents are coordinating the slots.
  • For families both unable to travel to the supermarket and are unable to access on line shopping; the Village agent will facilitate the family getting their shopping by making a local arrangement with a Neighbour or another local volunteer.

If your school would like to work with the village agent please contact: https://somersetagents.org/find-an-agent/

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