COVID Summer Food Fund- Year 11 End Dates



On 26th June, it was advised via this daily bulletin that schools should: • Apply a leaving date for non-FSM year 11 students of 26th June 2020. • Remove the leaving date for year 11 students in receipt of FSM or those who may be eligible for the COVID-19 Summer Food Fund.

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This was to enable SCC to seek clarity on the eligibility of Year 11’s for the above scheme.

The FSM policy team at the DfE have now confirmed that the COVID-19 Summer Food Fund is available to provide support where needed to Y11 and Y13 pupils, who were confirmed as eligible and claiming benefits-related free school meals during the summer term, regardless of whether they remain registered with the school.

Therefore once schools have generated vouchers for these students for the remaining term and summer holiday period they should be given the same leaving date as the other pupils within Year 11 recorded as; 26/06/2020.​

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ICTHelpdesk@somerset.gov.uk or 01823 355090​

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