DBS Update – Break in ‘Service’ due to COVID 19 : Applicable to all roles subject to DBS clearance - schools and SCC services



The Department for Education (DfE) produced updated guidance for schools on 20th May 2020. Within this they advised that staff who have continued to be employed but have not been able to work during the COVID-19 period do not need to be DBS rechecked (extract below):

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'There is no requirement to obtain a new DBS check for returning staff who have continued to be employed but have not been working in regulated activity during partial school closures. If for any reason the school or college have concerns about the individual, they may obtain a new check in the usual way.’

DfE did not make any specific reference to breaks in engagement for volunteers and casual staff. However, in order to reduce the number of people required to obtain a new DBS (due to a break in engagement of 3 months or more) prior to recommencing the same role, we would suggest that where possible schools and SCC Services engage the same volunteers/casual staff/supply teachers as those who were in the role pre COVID-19.

For any volunteers or casual staff who undertook their role between January 2020 and March 2020, please complete the attached risk assessment form here - COVID 19 Risk Assessment Form (Valid until 30.09.2020).docx

and retain this; for schools staff only please hold this alongside your Single Central Record, for Non Schools staff, please keep a record of the risk assessment with your staffing records should it be required for audit purposes. However any breaks of three months or more that occurred prior to January 2020, or any new volunteers or casual staff, we would strongly recommend a new DBS clearance is sought, or if there are any concerns about the individual a new check is obtained.

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