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 The conference, taking place on Monday 19th April 2021 at 12pm to 4.30pm, is being run by AUDIOVISABILITY and DECIBELS in partnership with Wells Cathedral School.  Audiovisabilty is a leading music organization run by deaf musicians and Decibels a charity committed to music education for the deaf.  Wells Cathedral School runs a specialist music school within an "all-round" school for pupils aged 2 - 18.

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The conference will bring a unique insight into what it means to be deaf in a musical world. We invite deaf and hearing professionals working ineducationto come togetherto share best practices and work together to make musicmore accessible for all. We willalsobe offering the followingpre-conference INSETs before the conference, (9.30-11.45 am)led by leading deaf music professionals in their field:

1. "Making music accessible in the classroom" - for music teachers in schools and music hubs. This session will cover a variety of practical skills,techniques, and resources.

2. "Supporting deaf students in orchestras, ensembles, and private lessons" : a session for professionals working with children and young people acrosschallenging specialist music settings.

3. “Deaf Awareness training” : A session to build general deaf awareness skills across professional and academic settings.


We anticipate that all leading organisations will send a representative to the conference. Spaces will be limited so we advise booking early to reserve a place.

Delegates are welcome to participate in either the INSET or the conference but are also very welcome to attend both.

For all enquiries, including booking information on the INSET and/or to register interest for the conference, please email Lucy Dunkerley


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Lucy Dunkerley at lucydunkerley@mac.com ​​

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