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A recent Health and Safety Executive (HSE) bulletin associated with ensuring a safe return to schools has indicated that the HSE will be undertaking spot-checks in schools in relation to COVID-19.

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These spot-checks will initially take place as a phone call to talk through the school’s risk assessment and the associated measures that are in place within the school environment. If the HSE has further concerns which are unable to be resolved via the telephone conversation, then it is possible that this may trigger a visit from the HSE Inspector.

The HSE are aware of the challenging situations that schools face, particularly as the Government guidance evolves at frequent intervals. In this respect, the HSE will always apply their professional judgement and discretion and will endeavour to take a proportionate approach.

It is important that schools liaise fully with the HSE Inspectors to demonstrate that they are COVID-secure. Any serious risks which cannot be successfully resolved, could potentially result in enforcement action. The HSE is due to start the spot-checks from Monday 7th September 2020 and the full HSE bulletin is available here: https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/UKHSE/bulletins/29c406f


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