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The SCC Corporate Health and Safety Unit have designed eight COVID specific risk assessments, which are available on EEC here: https://www.eeclive.co.uk/public/plogon.php?AID=14

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However, there has been a notable increase in requests to create new risk assessments or adapt existing templates specifically on the measures generated by COVID. The Corporate Health and Safety Unit (CHSU) would like to advise schools that all existing risk assessments should be reviewed (in line with current Government guidance) and that, if any COVID related questions need to be added to these risk assessments that are not already covered by the eight COVID specific risk assessments available on EEC, that schools use the drop down boxes to amend accordingly.


The CHSU are a small team, who advise and support across all SCC departments and endeavour to answer any health and safety queries in a timely manner. It is not possible to update every available risk assessment on EEC with COVID questions and it is encouraged that schools adapt their own individual premise specific risk assessments to meet the guidelines issued by the Government. CHSU will continue to offer advice and support to schools where required. For any further queries, please visit here or contact CHSU@somerset.gov.uk or 01823 355089.


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