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In these uncertain times, the army is seeing a huge increase in applications as it offers job security for life.

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Please find below information about Army careers for young people age 16+. This information is for all SLT and careers officers and we encourage you to pass the following on to all students in secondary school.

Only 8% of secondary age children are aware of the career opportunities available to them in the British Army, and many are unaware that only 30% of army careers are in combat roles. This means that many careers found in civilian life (teachers, doctors, nurses, vets, dentists, engineers, IT, tech, chaplains, lawyers, HR, PR/media etc.) are also found in the Army. Army jobs offer higher pay, more opportunities, guaranteed continuous training and qualifications, transferable skills for life, plus adventurous lifestyle, fun and friendship.

We encourage schools to make secondary school-age children aware about these opportunities, regardless of social background, religion, ethnicity, gender etc. Everyone is equal in the army.

Below are links to films about scholarships, bursaries, and apprenticeships, including videos from student’s points of view.


Film 2 Bursaries v5


Army Bursaries and Scholarships v5a_Approved_02-04-20

Scholarships Interviews


Animated social media clip – by 33



Additionally please see this link to the Army website for Teachers - A FREE teacher resources for online teamwork and leadership lessons - Teacher Hub. This link also provides information about presentations and workshops, work experience, meeting Gatsby benchmarks, and all information about army funding for students through college and university from age 16+.


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