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Time is running out to complete the annual returns for your School premises. The escalation procedure and monitoring of annual returns is due to recommence in October 2020.

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A recent SWAP report (28 September 2020) highlighted a weakness in Schools not submitting the required annual returns to the Corporate Health and Safety Unit (CHSU).  For clarity, the list of annual returns that need to be completed on RAMIS include:

  • Fire safety management - Review
  • Asbestos management - Review
  • Legionella management RA Review
  • General health and safety management – Declaration
  • H&S Self-Audit
  • Details of the current Trained Premise Manager
  • Safety Glazing – Review
  • LA School Catering – Review
Please ensure that all required Annual Returns are in date and submitted as soon as possible.

For any further information, please contact CHSU on chsu@somerset.gov.uk or 01823 355089.


Contact Details

chsu@somerset.gov.uk or 01823 355089

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