FAO Head Teachers & School Business Managers - Provisions for Staff with caring responsibilities with effect from 24th September 2020



From the 10th August 2020, the decision was taken by the Local Authority to revert to normal policy in relation to caring responsibilities and the paid time off arrangements that were implemented at the start of lock down and in response to Covid-19 ceased, to reflect schools returning in September and other services being stood back up.

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As part of this decision, it was agreed that as there may be further lockdowns, at local and national level, or levels of infection and outbreaks of Covid-19 may increase, and these may affect SCC staff, and that the Local Authority would act quickly to support staff who are affected.  This included considering reinstating the support that has been given to staff with caring responsibilities and who are unable to fulfil their contracted hours due to Covid-19.

Due to the recent Government announcement, with effect from 24th September 2020, it has been agreed that paid leave to care for dependants will be reinstated with the following principles applied:

  • All employees that are able should continue to work where possible, from home or at their normal workplace, for as many hours of their contracted hours as they can.
  • Head Teachers/Line Managers should allow staff with caring responsibilities to work flexibly, including outside of normal hours.

  • Employees who accrue TOIL or flexi should use any balance prior to taking paid time off. 

  • Employees who have booked leave during a period of paid caring responsibilities must continue to take it unless there is an operationally imperative need for them to work the hours.  Annual leave cannot be cancelled and replaced with paid caring leave.

  • Staff are expected to consider other options available to them, within the social distancing/Government guidelines, to support their caring responsibilities. 
This guidance only applies where normal care arrangements are unavailable due to the setting being closed or the normal care has been ceased due to Covid-19.
This guidance does not apply where staff choose to keep their dependent away from the normal setting, but the provision is still available to them.

Schools should report the paid time off for caring responsibilities using the Covid absence reporting form and submit to HR Admin & Payroll in the usual way.


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