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After publication of the article in Monday's bulletin regarding Autumn term Parents'/Carers' Meetings, the following line appears to have caused some concerns and confusion, for which we apologise.


As a secondary offer, parents and carers may then be offered telephone appointments and/or Teams Meetings if necessary. These should not be on a one-to-one basis. 


This was not intended to be a directive but as advice and guidance, particularly regarding Teams meetings or similar, with teachers using video. Obviously, appropriate risk assessments should be completed and perhaps the following tips from a school might help with your planning




As  virtual parents evening are new to us we thought it important to establish some ground rules so that all participants are following the same protocol which should ensure everyone's wellbeing:


  • Conversations should take place in appropriate rooms e.g. kitchen, lounge, study and not in a bedroom. 


  • All participants should be appropriately attired as they would be for a real life face to face meeting.


  • No conversations should be recorded. 


  • If you are using a device with e.g. FaceTime or WhatsApp to enable both parents from different households to attend simultaneously please flag this up to the teacher as a matter of courtesy at the start of the conversation.  


  • Both teachers and parents have the choice of using audio or video.  


  • As in actual meetings, your son/daughter is welcome to attend. 


  • Please try to be on time as the slot times are not flexible at all and will start/finish exactly on time.


  • The first 30 seconds of each conversation allows for a short break for the teacher who will initiate the conversation at some point when they are ready during this time. 


  • The school is often commended for the very positive, constructive relationships between staff and parents and it is important that this continues. Therefore please note that in the extremely unlikely event of verbal abuse, staff will end the conversation and refer the matter to the Senior Leadership Team. 

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