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The current COVID situation has curtailed the usual programme of Road Safety presentations offered by Somerset Road Safety (SCC), yet the number of pupils walking or cycling to schools is increasing. As is the volume of private transport being used to transport pupils to school.

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​Somerset Road Safety would like to promote their Stay Safe presentation for delivery within the schools of Somerset from the start of term in 2021. 

The presentations are free to schools at point of delivery and last approximately 30 minutes per session. Delivery can be to individual classes or year groups or if necessary to the whole school at one time though this is not as engaging for the pupils.

Topics cover the safe crossing of roads, looking out for each other, safe cycling/scootering, seat belts and behaviour within cars. A basic PowerPoint presentation is used as a visual prompt for the trainer to talk around.

 At the end of the session each pupil receives a booklet covering the topics so that they can take these home and continue the discussion, they also receive a pencil and ruler to help remind them about the safety messages.

 All SRS activities are compliant with the COVID Risk Assessment.

For further information or to book sessions please email roadsafety@somerset.gov.uk or call 01823 423430 and leave a message.​

Contact Details

​roadsafety@somerset.gov.uk or 01823 423430

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