Consultation with Somerset Schools and Academies on the Funding Formula for 2021/22



It remains the DfE’s long-term intention that schools’ budgets should be set based on a single, national formula (a ‘hard’ formula). To ensure some transitional stability, LAs will continue to set a local formula for schools in 2021/22.

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Local authorities will receive confirmation of their final Dedicated Schools Grant allocations in December 2020, following validation of the October 2020 pupil census data. The extent to which Somerset adopts the values within the DfE’s NFF model will be determined by its funding settlement.

This consultation is set out in five parts as follows:

Exceptional circumstances

2a. De-delegation (Maintained Primary and Secondary schools only)

2b. Trade Unions

Education Function for Maintained Schools 

Minimum Funding Guarantee

Proposal to transfer funding from the Schools Block to the High Needs Block 2021/22

Full details for each proposal are provided in the document attached. 

Please note that this consultation is to provide all schools with the opportunity to respond to the proposed changes to the revenue funding formula for 2021/22. Therefore, this is your opportunity to raise concerns or support the proposals. If no concerns are raised, the Schools Forum will assume that schools are happy for changes to take place. The consultation is now open and it closes Monday 9th November.

If you have any further queries, please contact schoolsfunding@somerset.gov.uk.

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