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A new website, but still the same valuable resources!

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SSE's School Library Service are continuing to rebrand, with a new web page located on the SSE website here: http://www.supportservicesforeducation.co.uk/Services/3262

Here you will be able to see the high quality and cost-effective range of library resources and services on offer.

You are still welcome to place your orders by telephone (01278 421015) and email (sls@somerset.gov.uk), or you can use the online forms at the foot of the new webpage.

Please submit your requests by the last day of term, to ensure that you will receive your order on your first delivery day of the new term.

(Please note that the old website will no longer be available from 1st December 2020)

Contact Details

01278 421015 or sls@somerset.gov.uk

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