Guidance on Goodwill Payments during November Lockdown



Reinstatement of Payment to Casual/Supply and Third Party Agency Workers paid via the Somerset County Council during periods of self-isolation.

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​Somerset County Council (SCC) took the decision to cease goodwill payments for casual/ supply staff with effect from 10th August 2020 to reflect that with schools being fully open from 1st September 2020 and many services being stood back up, the opportunities for staff engaged on a casual/ supply basis to be offered work would return to normal.

Whilst there is no contractual obligation for an employer to make payments to workers where there is an inability to work, SCC has since taken the decision to reinstate goodwill payments for those individuals who are engaged to undertake planned work but are unable to do so in the following scenarios:

  • a confirmed case/s within the setting they were engaged has required them to self-isolate
  • A confirmed case prevents them from attending work which had already been planned.

Prior to goodwill payments being made, consideration should be given to whether redeployment within the setting is possible, whilst complying with government and Public health guidance.

Goodwill payments will only be paid for planned hours that cannot be worked due to the circumstances above. It is expected that payment will only cover the self-isolation period.

Any worker queries on this guidance should be directed to the engaging manager/headteacher in the first instance. If the manager/headteacher require further advice they should contact their HR Adviser.

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