Notifications of positive cases in schools



Over the autumn term all schools will have become familiar with the process following a notification of a positive case of COVID within the school. This process has not been changed. All schools and EY settings should contact the local Public Health team in the first instance on receipt of a notification.

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Secondary schools have been approved for serial testing alongside self-isolation as a strategy, however, some questions have been raised about where and when this should be applied. The local Public Health team will support secondary school leaders to determine a strategy that is appropriate to the context on a case by case basis.


For schools participating in the mass asymptomatic lateral flow testing, it is important that you take action on the basis of a positive LFT result. Please contact public health in the first instance for advice and to conduct the risk assessment and contact tracing.


To contact public health, please email sccphincidentroom@somerset.gov.uk. The incident room is staffed 7 days a week, including evenings and weekends.

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