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SSE’s Education Technology Team have published video and support materials for remote learning about online safety. We have materials that are appropriate for this year’s Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 9th February. The theme is, ‘An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world’.

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These materials are also appropriate as part of other learning. They focus on recognising reliability and being responsible when sharing information. They are part of supporting learners to acquire and use knowledge reliably across the curriculum. 
Planning documents for remote learning, Recognise Reliability: 
Key stage 1 
Key stage 2 
Explanations for learners: YouTube playlist for Recognise Reliability.  Note that the foundation stage videos are appropriate for children of different ages that may have speech and languages difficulties. 
There is still time to sign up for our Safer Internet Day pledge for 2021, ‘Our school commits to each class creating a check list to separate fact from fiction, and to share this with parents and carers.’ Sign up here if you would like to be part of this.  Go to our Recognising Reliability page for further details and additional teaching and learning materials. 
Other online safety home materials: 
4 - 5 year olds remote online safety learning linking habits to ThinkuKnow resources 
5 - 7 year olds remote online safety learning linking habits to ThinkuKnow resources 
8 - 10 year olds remote online safety learning linking habits to ThinkuKnow resources 
Building habits Rap from Ashlands and Merriot First School – perhaps your children could come up with their own based on our building habits progression. 

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