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We are currently working on a proposal with our Special schools to reinvigorate and unify the Special School Outreach offer to mainstream schools across Somerset. This work falls under the umbrella of Priority 6.4 of the Written Statement of Action.

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Historically this is a service that has been delivered on a local basis by each Special School, not via a coordinated countywide approach. This is subject to normal, annual funding approval via the High Needs budget, DSG and SCC internal approval.

A service description has been developed, and once appropriate approvals have been received, will be circulated to Special School Heads to express an interest in delivering Outreach across the county. Coverage will be via 4 areas, linked to the PRU partnership areas, but covering the whole of Somerset.

We are aiming for this county wide approach to be in place for September 2021. For further information please contact your local Special School Headteacher or Jenny Pearce Riddy, Strategic Manager - jpearceriddy@somerset.gov.uk.

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