ASPIRE / Fischer Family Trust Renewal Requirement Survey Outcome



SSE thanks all those schools who replied to the above request and everyone who assisted in the communication effort to meet the deadline.

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Unfortunately, the number of positive responses (circa 30% of all schools) were insufficient to qualify for the volume related discounts offered by FFT.

Based on FFT's inflexible charging model, more than 50% of schools in each qualifying category would have needed to commit to the offer to break even and - below this threshold - schools would be paying more to be within the deal rather buying individually. Many schools that declined did state that FFT was not considered a priority if schools had to finance the service directly.

Action Required

For clarification, all Somerset schools that wish to continue to benefit from FFT membership from April 2021 onward must engage directly with FFT and buy the service independently, or as part of any locally arranged collective deal that FFT will agree to acknowledge.

The FFT contact details for renewals is listed below:


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