For the Attention of Head Teachers / Chairs of Governors for LA Maintained Schools - Staff Wellbeing Day



Thank you for the consistent dedication and hard work for the children and young people in your schools and for your continued efforts through so many recent challenges.

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Elected members of the County Council have set out an ambition to offer all County Council employees some form of “wellbeing” day or event as a small token of thanks and appreciation for their contribution to ensuring service delivery continued during the pandemic and beyond.
We are currently looking at and considering options for how this gesture of thanks and appreciation can be extended to those staff employed within our LA maintained schools. Council employees will be able to access an additional day away from work on full pay. The aim is to recognise all employees, including school-based staff, whilst complying with the statutory requirement to maintain education provision to the children and young people of Somerset.
We recognise that awarding time off during term time in schools may present some operational difficulties for some settings. Therefore, we will shortly be seeking representations/ views from a selection of Headteachers across all educational phases within our maintained schools regarding how this might be achieved or other creative alternative options which will help to inform our approach and advice to schools to enable our ambition for school staff to also benefit from this gesture.
We will provide further information and clarification as soon as possible.

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