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Completion of the January 2021 School Census - Covid-19Public15/01/2021 11:21
Completion of the School Census - Covid-19Public15/01/2021 11:15
School Census Data Collection 2020-21 - Briefing for schoolsPublic07/08/2020 10:36
Summer Term 2020 ADL NewsletterPublic04/06/2020 15:20
ADL Newsletter Spring Term 2020Public15/04/2020 14:42
Spring Term ADL Agenda 2020Public, iPost All School Staff05/02/2020 11:41
High Incidence Special Educational Needs Public16/01/2020 09:08
SUGAR SMART Launch Event Public07/01/2020 12:42
Moving and Handling (Initial Training) Public05/12/2019 11:18
Winter Wonderland Weekend at Dillington HousePublic18/11/2019 15:54
Level 4 Certificate in Higher Level Teaching Assistants Public18/11/2019 15:06
Working with Children and Young People who require Personal and Intimate CarePublic12/11/2019 16:00
Parental Engagement Suite WebinariPost All School Staff, iPost ELIM Purchasers06/11/2019 09:19
AET: Early Years Good Autism PracticePublic04/11/2019 09:22
ADL Newsletter Autumn Term 2019 Public, iPost All School Staff18/10/2019 13:30
Administrative Development Liaison (ADL) Agenda Public20/09/2019 12:41
Auditions for the Somerset County Youth Orchestra and Somerset County Youth Concert BandPublic13/09/2019 08:24
AET (Autism Education Trust): Good Autism PracticePublic13/09/2019 08:16
Working with Children and Young People who require Personal and Intimate CarePublic11/09/2019 12:51
Micro librarian systems - user group meetingsPublic, iPost All School Staff19/08/2019 10:49
School Census 2019-20Public, iPost All School Staff, iPost Purchase Card Holders, iPost School Admin, iPost Headteachers, Diocese Multi Academy Trusts, iPost ELIM Purchasers, iPost SCC Staff, ELIM Staff14/08/2019 11:44
Autism Education Trust: Early Years Good Autism PracticePublic04/07/2019 13:32
ADL Newsletter Summer Term 2019 Public, iPost All School Staff25/06/2019 13:45
Maths Showcase Event Public20/06/2019 11:32
Volunteer for the Summer Reading Challenge 2019 Public10/06/2019 14:32
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