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CD01_2017 Student Core Data GuidancePublic05/10/2021 12:51
CD01_2011 Reason For Leaving GuidancePublic05/10/2021 12:50
Completion of the School Census - Covid-19Public15/01/2021 11:15
School Census Data Collection 2020-21 - Briefing for schoolsPublic07/08/2020 10:36
Flexitime 2020-21Public13/01/2020 14:57
FlexiTime Leave Recording System 2020-21Public13/01/2020 14:55
WIN 7 Support WithdrawalPublic03/12/2019 08:34
Log SEND Portal calls through Self ServicePublic19/11/2019 16:43
Somerset Local Authority Data Sharing Agreement 2019-20 – your action neededPublic20/09/2019 10:28
CD01_2019 Student Data updates to the LAPublic19/09/2019 14:10
CD01_2017 Student Core Data GuidancePublic29/08/2019 11:28
CD01_2011 Reason For Leaving GuidancePublic29/08/2019 11:25
School Census 2019-20Public, iPost All School Staff, iPost Purchase Card Holders, iPost School Admin, iPost Headteachers, Diocese Multi Academy Trusts, iPost ELIM Purchasers, iPost SCC Staff, ELIM Staff14/08/2019 11:44
Big Friendly Data: Somerset Technology Conference 2019Public24/05/2019 10:15
IDEA Box from Somerset LibrariesPublic04/03/2019 13:35
Viral Scares eLIM advice for shools Public28/02/2019 09:53
FlexiTime Leave Recording System 2019-20Public14/02/2019 09:27
Flexitime 2019-20Public14/02/2019 09:11
How to find SIMS Support resourcesiPost ELIM Purchasers, ELIM Staff30/01/2019 12:02
Nintex for SharePoint 2016 BrochureELIM Staff20/09/2018 20:55
School Census 2018-19Public06/09/2018 14:26
CD01_2011 Reason For Leaving GuidancePublic28/08/2018 12:51
CCTV - Guidance for schools and educational settings - May 2018iPost All School Staff, iPost School Admin, iPost Headteachers, ELIM Staff15/05/2018 08:15
End of Ordering Window Purchasing Support Services for Education for 2018iPost School Admin, iPost Headteachers19/04/2018 13:20
Comms - End of Ordering Window Purchasing Support Services for Education for 2018iPost School Admin, iPost Headteachers, iPost EFS Purchasers, iPost EFS Academy Purchasers, iPost Governors Purchasers, iPost ELIM Purchasers, iPost HR Advisory Purchasers19/04/2018 11:21
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