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This pages provides guidance to enable you to edit the properties of archived documents created by other users.  Editing the archive date to a date in the future will automatically reinstate the document to the live site.
Please note - Contributors should only edit other Contributor's  documents if they have given their permission or if they have left the team/organisation.
Once you have reinstated an archived document created by another user, it will appear in the 'My Documents' section of both your and the original creator's 'My iPost' page (it will disappear from your list if it is subsequently modified by another user). A live iPost document will always appear in the 'My Documents' list of the original creator and the most recent modifier.
If the original Contributor has left your team/the organisation, you will need to enter the email address of the Contributor who has now taken over the administration of the document in the Admin Contact Email typing bar when editing the document properties.
In order to help you locate the document you wish to reinstate, you can filter the list below to show just documents created by a specific user:
  • Click on the 'Created By' column header.
  • Select the required name from the drop down list.
  • You will notice that a funnel icon appears in the 'Created By' column header as an indication that a filter is in place - you can click on this to change the name selection or to clear the filter (which will restore all documents to the list).
  • Documents can be edited in the usual way - click next to the document name for the 'Edit Properties' option and change the archive date to an appropriate future date.
  • Remember to update the Admin Contact Email address as referred to above. 
There are no items to show in this view of the "iPost Archive" document library.