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This page contains guidance on editing the properties of documents created by other Contributors. 
Please note - Contributors should only edit other Contributors' documents if they have given their permission or if they have left the team/organisation. 

Once you have edited a document created by another Contributor, it will appear in the 'My Documents' section of both your and the original creator's 'My iPost' page (it will disappear from your list if it is subsequently modified by another user).  A live iPost document will always appear in the 'My Documents' list of the original creator and the most recent modifier.
If the original Contributor has left your team/the organisation, you will need to enter the email address of the Contributor who has now taken over the administration of the document in the Admin Contact Email typing bar when editing the document properties.
In order to help you locate the document you wish to edit, you can filter the list below to show only documents created by a specific Contributor:
  • Click on the 'Created By' column header. 
  • Select the required name from the drop down list.
  • You will notice that a funnel icon appears in the 'Created By' column header as an indication that a filter is in place  - you can click on this to change the name selection or to clear the filter (which will restore all documents to the list).
  • Documents can be edited in the usual way - that is, click next to the document name for the 'Edit Properties' option.  Remember that documents need to be checked in after amendment.  (Please refer to the SLP Support site for user guidance if required.)
  • Remember to update the Admin Contact Email address as referred to above. 


School Census Data Collection 2020-21 - Briefing for schools.docx
Tony Verrier07/08/2020 10:45Tony Verrier
Vendor List for Schools - August 2020.pdf
Rob Capon05/08/2020 14:15Rob Capon
SFAT Circular 21.2020 - COVID-19 Catch Up Funding.docx
Schools Funding.and Accounting24/07/2020 16:10Schools Funding.and Accounting
SFAT Circular 20.2020 - Universal Infant Free School Meals 2020-21 allocations.docx
Schools Funding.and Accounting21/07/2020 13:30Schools Funding.and Accounting
SFAT Circular 19.2020 - Budget Update Form 1 2020.21.docx
Schools Funding.and Accounting20/07/2020 16:50Schools Funding.and Accounting
School BUF 1 Summer Term 2020-21 maintained schools - iPost.xlsm
Schools Funding.and Accounting20/07/2020 16:45Schools Funding.and Accounting
SFAT Circular 18.2020 - CFR - COLLECT - UPLOAD BY 10 JULY.doc
Schools Funding.and Accounting02/07/2020 14:15Schools Funding.and Accounting
List of Academies and Schools Converting to Academy Status.xlsx
Julia Balmford30/06/2020 09:15Wendy Kerslake
SFAT Circular 17.2020 - Making a Claim for COVID-19 Financial Support.docx
Schools Funding.and Accounting29/06/2020 07:50Schools Funding.and Accounting
Somerset School Organisation Plan 2020.pdf
Tony Verrier26/06/2020 16:30Tony Verrier
REFUNDS by Schools - Final 24.06.20.docx
Rob Capon24/06/2020 13:50Rob Capon
handbook guidance for VISA cards Feb 2018.doc
Rob Capon24/06/2020 13:35Rob Capon
SFAT Circular 16.2020 - CFR - COLLECT - NOW OPEN.doc
Schools Funding.and Accounting22/06/2020 11:30Schools Funding.and Accounting
DFCG Schools Capital Grant 2020-21.xls
Anna.Gorton17/06/2020 16:15Anna.Gorton
Vendor List for Schools - June 2020.pdf
Rob Capon16/06/2020 16:50Rob Capon
SFAT Circular 14.2020 - NEW SFVS Annual Return 2019-20 - deadline extended.doc
Schools Funding.and Accounting27/05/2020 17:20Schools Funding.and Accounting
SFAT Circular 15.2020 - CFR - COLLECT.doc
Schools Funding.and Accounting21/05/2020 15:10Schools Funding.and Accounting
SFAT Circular 13.2020 - Budget Plans for Schools with Planned Redundancies - New.docx
Schools Funding.and Accounting11/05/2020 10:50Schools Funding.and Accounting
Unallocated 92603 as at 040520.XLS
Rob Capon11/05/2020 10:45Rob Capon
School Census January 2020 - Summary Data.xlsx
Tony Verrier01/05/2020 15:55Tony Verrier
Sparky colouring in sheets.pdf
Andrew Doyle30/04/2020 17:00Andrew Doyle
Steve Dorrall28/04/2020 16:15Steve Dorrall
School Population Forecast 2018.pdf
Tony Verrier23/04/2020 22:40Julie Snook
Unofficial School Funds Guidance April 2020.docm
Schools Funding.and Accounting23/04/2020 15:10Schools Funding.and Accounting
Model Finance Policy - April 2020 - FINAL.docx
Schools Funding.and Accounting23/04/2020 15:00Schools Funding.and Accounting
Somerset School Population Forecast 2019.pdf
Tony Verrier23/04/2020 14:50Tony Verrier
FINAL Financial Management Scheme 2020.21.docx
Schools Funding.and Accounting23/04/2020 14:50Schools Funding.and Accounting
School Balances Information Worksheet 1920 - iPost.xlsm
Schools Funding.and Accounting21/04/2020 14:25Schools Funding.and Accounting
School Census May 2020 - Cancelled.docx
Tony Verrier21/04/2020 11:00Tony Verrier
SFAT Circular 12.2020 - COVID-19 financial support for schools.docx
Schools Funding.and Accounting20/04/2020 19:05Schools Funding.and Accounting
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