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​​​​Welcome to your Somerset iPost contributor area. 

iPost News

iPost News is now only located at the top-level of SLP i.e. on the SLP Home Page. To manage iPost News please go to the iPost News list at: 


My iPost Documents

Update: 4/2/2019 - can users please remember to Check-in their documents once you are finished modifying them. Thank-you.

In the panels below you will see your current and archived iPost documents.  Your documents are displayed in batches of 10 starting with the most recently modified.  Please use the arrows to scroll to your older documents or click to see all using the links provided.
Please note:
The Document ID column now replaces the old ipostid column and all existing ipostid's have been kept.  However, all Newly Uploaded documents will now have a much bigger Document ID value - this is the way that this new version of SharePoint 2016 works! 
in the 'Latest iPost Documents' list, there are missing Document ID values. However, as new documents are uploaded these will eventually be filled with the new Document ID values.  Also, some older items from this list have been removed as it should actually only be showing "the latest" documents.

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My Archive

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Other Users Documents

Generally speaking, it is expected that Somerset iPost contributors will manage their own documents within the system.  However, it may occasionally be necessary for contributors to modify documents (i.e. edit the document properties) that were originally created by another Somerset iPost user - for example, if the original contributor has left the organisation.  In these circumstances, use the links below to access live or archived documents created by other users.