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Somerset School Organisation Plan 2021Public01/07/2021 17:05
DFE Condition Data Collection SurveysiPost All School Staff, iPost School Admin, iPost Headteachers30/10/2020 13:01
Updating your legionella risk assessmentsPublic01/07/2020 16:12
Somerset School Organisation Plan 2020Public26/06/2020 16:24
Raising awareness - Finger trapping incidentPublic21/11/2019 08:25
SCC Property Design Standards & Guidance Version 4Public13/11/2019 09:48
ADL Newsletter Autumn Term 2019 Public, iPost All School Staff18/10/2019 13:30
Blank Capital Investment - Proposal FormPublic10/10/2019 09:42
School Building Projects Approval Process updatePublic10/10/2019 09:38
Condition survey requirements for schools 20190913Public13/09/2019 11:08
Condition survey work book 20190806Public13/09/2019 11:06
School Place Planning Infrastructure Growth Plan for Somerset 2019Public27/06/2019 12:29
Somerset Schools Organisation Plan 2019Public, iPost All School Staff, iPost All Children Centre Staff, iPost School Admin, iPost Headteachers, iPost EFS Academy Purchasers, Diocese Multi Academy Trusts, iPost Governors Purchasers, iPost HR Advisory Purchasers, iPost SCC Staff26/06/2019 10:15
ADL Newsletter Summer Term 2019 Public, iPost All School Staff25/06/2019 13:45
ADL Newsletter Spring Term 2019 Public, iPost All School Staff04/04/2019 10:19
Somerset Centre for Integrated Learning (SCIL) move to Dillington House Public25/03/2019 10:53
Wessex Water Compliance VisitsPublic18/01/2019 11:15
Capital Investment Proposal Form – Updated VersionPublic14/12/2018 10:40
SCC Property Design Standards and Guidance Version 3Public29/11/2018 14:51
Schools Communication Dec 18Public26/11/2018 12:11
October 2018 I post article half termPublic06/11/2018 12:51
Guidance for Schools Converting to Academy StatusiPost All School Staff12/09/2018 16:30
Somerset School Organisation Plan 2018Public02/08/2018 15:55
CCTV - Guidance for schools and educational settings - May 2018iPost All School Staff, iPost School Admin, iPost Headteachers, ELIM Staff15/05/2018 08:15
End of Ordering Window Purchasing Support Services for Education for 2018iPost School Admin, iPost Headteachers19/04/2018 13:20
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