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DFCG Schools Capital Grant 2018-19.xls
IPOSTID-2-6510David Aston26/03/2019 11:10David Aston08/07/201907/08/2019
List of Academies and Schools Converting to Academy Status.xlsx
IPOSTID-2-2909Julia Balmford25/03/2019 12:35Wendy Kerslake02/07/202001/08/2020
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 12 - 22 March 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1504Leaine Diamond22/03/2019 11:05Leaine Diamond20/02/202021/03/2020
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 11 - 22 March 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1505Leaine Diamond22/03/2019 11:00Leaine Diamond20/02/202021/03/2020
Working with Children & Young People who require Personal & Intimate Care.06.06.19.flyer.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1503Ben Martin21/03/2019 12:45Ben Martin07/05/201906/06/2019
Finance Circular 06.2019 - Year End Closing 2018-19 for LP Schools (Part 2).pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1502Edward Ball20/03/2019 14:35Edward Ball18/02/202019/03/2020
Imprest Rec Form for 2018-19.xls
IPOSTID-1583429547-1501Edward Ball20/03/2019 08:50Edward Ball19/02/202020/03/2020
Federated Schools in Somerset.doc
IPOSTID-2-3412Julia Balmford18/03/2019 16:00Wendy Kerslake01/12/202131/12/2021
UIFSM Tool for Schools 2018.19.xlsm
IPOSTID-1583429547-1432Edward Ball18/03/2019 12:00Edward Ball31/12/201930/01/2020
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 10 - 15 March 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1498Leaine Diamond15/03/2019 10:00Leaine Diamond13/02/202014/03/2020
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 11 - 15 March 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1497Leaine Diamond15/03/2019 10:00Leaine Diamond13/02/202014/03/2020
2020-21 Determination of Admission Arrangements.doc
IPOSTID-1583429547-1496Ben Martin15/03/2019 09:50Ben Martin12/02/202114/03/2021
School Population Forecast 2018.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1494Tony Verrier13/03/2019 16:35Tony Verrier14/05/202013/06/2020
Schools Forum 6 March 2019 Agenda Item 3a - DCS Update.pptx
IPOSTID-1583429547-1493Edward Ball12/03/2019 11:35Edward Ball10/02/202011/03/2020
Schools Forum 6 March 2019 Agenda Item 10 - Equal pay & support staff grading letter to Schools Forum.docx
IPOSTID-1583429547-1492Edward Ball12/03/2019 11:30Edward Ball10/02/202011/03/2020
Schools Forum 6 March 2019 Agenda Item 3b - SSE presentation.pptx
IPOSTID-1583429547-1491Edward Ball12/03/2019 11:25Edward Ball10/02/202011/03/2020
Schools Forum F40 School Funding Briefing Paper - February 2019.docx
IPOSTID-1583429547-1490Edward Ball12/03/2019 11:25Edward Ball10/02/202011/03/2020
Schools Forum agenda and papers - 6th March 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1489Edward Ball12/03/2019 11:10Edward Ball10/02/202011/03/2020
Themed Audit Summary -SFVS 2017-18 AUDIT.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1488Edward Ball07/03/2019 16:25Edward Ball05/02/202006/03/2020
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 9 - 8 March 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1485Leaine Diamond07/03/2019 14:30Leaine Diamond05/02/202006/03/2020
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 10 - 8 March 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1484Leaine Diamond07/03/2019 14:30Leaine Diamond05/02/202006/03/2020
SFAT Circular 07.2019 - REMINDER - SFVS Annual Return 2018-19.doc
IPOSTID-1583429547-1481Edward Ball05/03/2019 16:05Edward Ball03/02/202004/03/2020
SFAT Circular 06.2019 - FSM Supplementary Grant.docx
IPOSTID-1583429547-1480Edward Ball04/03/2019 15:50Edward Ball02/02/202003/03/2020
IDEA Box from Somerset Libraries.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1479Amber.Packer-Hughes - Governor - SCH.34304/03/2019 13:40Amber.Packer-Hughes - Governor - SCH.34302/02/202003/03/2020
Vendor List for Schools - March 2019.xls
IPOSTID-1583429547-1478Rob Capon04/03/2019 11:30Rob Capon29/05/201928/06/2019
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 8 - 1 March 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1477Leaine Diamond01/03/2019 11:45Leaine Diamond30/01/202029/02/2020
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 9 - 1 March 2019.docx
IPOSTID-1583429547-1476Leaine Diamond01/03/2019 11:40Leaine Diamond30/01/202029/02/2020
SFAT Circular 05.2019 - Budget Plans 2019-20.docx
IPOSTID-1583429547-1463Edward Ball27/02/2019 14:55Edward Ball28/01/202027/02/2020
Flexitime 2019-20.xls
IPOSTID-1583429547-1441Sue Chaplin25/02/2019 09:30Sue Chaplin03/03/202003/04/2020
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 7 - 22 February 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1455Leaine Diamond22/02/2019 13:30Leaine Diamond23/01/202022/02/2020
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 8 - 22 February 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1454Leaine Diamond22/02/2019 13:30Leaine Diamond23/01/202022/02/2020
SFAT Circular 04.2019 - Budget Update Form 3 2018-19.docx
IPOSTID-1583429547-1447Edward Ball21/02/2019 17:00Edward Ball21/01/202020/02/2020
Letter to Maintained Schools 2019.20 budgets.docx
IPOSTID-1583429547-1452Edward Ball21/02/2019 16:55Edward Ball22/01/202021/02/2020
School 2019-20 Budget Guidance Document.doc
IPOSTID-1583429547-1451Edward Ball21/02/2019 16:50Edward Ball22/01/202021/02/2020
2019-20 Formula Budget Statement - iPost for Schools.xlsm
IPOSTID-1583429547-1450Edward Ball21/02/2019 16:25Edward Ball22/01/202021/02/2020
Somerset Choices Annual report Sept17-Aug18 V1.0.docx
IPOSTID-1583429547-1449Jasper Conroy21/02/2019 15:40Jasper Conroy02/08/202001/09/2020
School BUF 3 Spring term 2018-19 maintained schools - iPost.xlsm
IPOSTID-1583429547-1448Edward Ball20/02/2019 17:00Edward Ball21/01/202020/02/2020
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 7 - 15 February 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1443Leaine Diamond15/02/2019 11:30Leaine Diamond16/01/202015/02/2020
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 6 - 15 February 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1444Leaine Diamond15/02/2019 11:25Leaine Diamond16/01/202015/02/2020
Historical Number on Roll Data.xlsx
IPOSTID-2-3543Tony Verrier14/02/2019 10:15Tony Verrier12/03/202712/04/2027
FlexiTime Leave Recording System 2019-20.pdf
Checked Out To: Sue ChaplinFlexiTime Leave Recording System 2019-20.pdf
Checked Out To: Sue Chaplin
IPOSTID-1583429547-1442Sue Chaplin14/02/2019 09:30Sue Chaplin04/03/202004/04/2020Sue Chaplin
FlexiTime Leave Recording System 2018-19.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6245Sue Chaplin14/02/2019 09:30Sue Chaplin01/03/201901/04/2019
DRAFT Financial Management Scheme 2019.20.docx
IPOSTID-1583429547-1419Edward Ball12/02/2019 10:10Edward Ball06/12/201905/01/2020
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 6 - 8 February 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1437Leaine Diamond08/02/2019 10:41Leaine Diamond09/01/202008/02/2020
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 5 - 8 February 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1438Leaine Diamond08/02/2019 10:40Leaine Diamond09/01/202008/02/2020
Circular Feb 2019 - School Leases.docx
IPOSTID-1583429547-1436David Aston05/02/2019 14:45David Aston06/01/202005/02/2020
Vendor List for Schools - February 2019.xls
IPOSTID-1583429547-1435Rob Capon05/02/2019 14:35Rob Capon06/01/202005/02/2020
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 4 - 1 February 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1434Leaine Diamond01/02/2019 11:15Leaine Diamond02/01/202001/02/2020
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 5 - 1 February 2019.pdf
Checked Out To: Leaine DiamondBlue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 5 - 1 February 2019.pdf
Checked Out To: Leaine Diamond
IPOSTID-1583429547-1433Leaine Diamond01/02/2019 11:08Leaine Diamond02/01/202001/02/2020Leaine Diamond
Guidance for using Part Time Timetables.docx
IPOSTID-1583429547-1429Chris Clarke30/01/2019 10:10Chris Clarke31/12/201930/01/2020
Basic Awarness new version.docx
IPOSTID-1583429547-1428Liam Bleeks30/01/2019 10:05Liam Bleeks09/06/201909/07/2019
SFAT Circular 03.2019 - Additional Capital Funding for 2018-19.docx
IPOSTID-1583429547-1427Edward Ball29/01/2019 16:25Edward Ball30/12/201929/01/2020
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 3 - 25 January 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1425Leaine Diamond25/01/2019 14:45Leaine Diamond26/12/201925/01/2020
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 4 - 25 January 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1424Leaine Diamond25/01/2019 14:45Leaine Diamond26/12/201925/01/2020
Financial Management Scheme 2019.20 Schools Consultation.docx
IPOSTID-1583429547-1420Edward Ball23/01/2019 15:25Edward Ball24/12/201923/01/2020
Schools Forum Agenda and Papers - 16 Jan 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1416Edward Ball22/01/2019 09:50Edward Ball18/12/201917/01/2020
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 3 - 18 January 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1417Leaine Diamond18/01/2019 14:00Leaine Diamond19/12/201918/01/2020
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 2 - 18 January 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1418Leaine Diamond18/01/2019 13:56Leaine Diamond19/12/201918/01/2020
SFAT Circular 02.2019 - FINAL REMINDER - Unofficial Funds 17-18 Academic Year.docx
IPOSTID-1583429547-1415Edward Ball15/01/2019 16:30Edward Ball23/06/201423/07/2014
SFAT Circular 01.2019 - SFVS Annual Return 2018-19.doc
IPOSTID-1583429547-1414Edward Ball11/01/2019 11:05Edward Ball12/12/201911/01/2020
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 2 - 11 January 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1412Leaine Diamond11/01/2019 10:55Leaine Diamond12/12/201911/01/2020
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 1 - 11 January 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1413Leaine Diamond11/01/2019 10:50Leaine Diamond12/12/201911/01/2020
OCN - HTLA Flyer.docx
Checked Out To: Liam BleeksOCN - HTLA Flyer.docx
Checked Out To: Liam Bleeks
IPOSTID-1583429547-1410Liam Bleeks08/01/2019 10:10Liam Bleeks20/04/201920/05/2019Liam Bleeks
BAPP- Bachelor of Arts in Professional Practice.docx
IPOSTID-1583429547-1409Liam Bleeks08/01/2019 09:35Liam Bleeks02/08/201901/09/2019
SFAT Circular 19.2018 - Budget Update Form 2 2018-19.docx
IPOSTID-1583429547-1398Edward Ball07/01/2019 14:36Ilse Hagley14/11/201914/12/2019
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 1 - 4 January 2019.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1405Leaine Diamond04/01/2019 14:25Leaine Diamond05/12/201904/01/2020
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 51 - 21 December 2018.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1403Leaine Diamond20/12/2018 15:05Leaine Diamond20/11/201920/12/2019
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 42 - 21 December 2018.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1404Leaine Diamond20/12/2018 15:01Leaine Diamond20/11/201920/12/2019
Christmas wishes from Children's Services Directorate Management Team.msg
IPOSTID-1583429547-1402Angie McArthur19/12/2018 16:00Angie McArthur19/11/201919/12/2019
School BUF 2 Autumn term 2018-19 maintained schools - iPost.xlsm
IPOSTID-1583429547-1397Edward Ball19/12/2018 14:50Edward Ball14/11/201914/12/2019
Peters - Exclusive Showroom Offer.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1401Ben Martin19/12/2018 11:00Ben Martin08/01/201907/02/2019
SFAT Circular 20.2017 - Budget Update Form 2 2017-18.docx
IPOSTID-2-6171Edward Ball17/12/2018 11:25Jasper Conroy15/11/201815/12/2018
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 41 - 14 December 2018.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1396Leaine Diamond14/12/2018 09:45Leaine Diamond14/11/201914/12/2019
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 50 - 14 December 2018.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1395Leaine Diamond14/12/2018 09:40Leaine Diamond14/11/201914/12/2019
Financial Management Scheme 2018.19.pdf
IPOSTID-1583429547-1393Edward Ball12/12/2018 15:00Edward Ball10/11/201910/12/2019
Schools Petty Cash User Instructions.doc
IPOSTID-2-2440Deborah Latham11/12/2018 21:25Julie Snook31/03/201830/04/2018
SSF 17 January 2018 Agenda Item 8 High Needs.docx
IPOSTID-2-6232Edward Ball11/12/2018 10:50Jasper Conroy25/12/201824/01/2019
Vendor List for Schools - December 2018.xls
IPOSTID-2-6735Rob Capon04/12/2018 13:35Julie Snook30/01/201901/03/2019
DSG HNB consultation JW presentation Nov2018.pptx
IPOSTID-2-6730Edward Ball03/12/2018 12:55Julie Snook29/10/201928/11/2019
SSF 27 Nov 2018 Agenda Item 15 - Month 6 Reports.docx
IPOSTID-2-6724Edward Ball03/12/2018 12:42Julie Snook29/10/201928/11/2019
SSF 27 Nov 2018 Agenda item 3 - DCS and AD presentation v2.pptx
IPOSTID-2-6728Edward Ball03/12/2018 12:42Julie Snook29/10/201928/11/2019
SSF 27 Nov 2018 HN Funding Pressures Tabled Information.docx
IPOSTID-2-6729Edward Ball03/12/2018 12:42Julie Snook29/10/201928/11/2019
SSF 27 Nov 2018 Agenda Item 8 Schools Consultation 1 Outcome.docx.doc
IPOSTID-2-6725Edward Ball03/12/2018 12:42Julie Snook29/10/201928/11/2019
SSF 27 Nov 2018 Agenda Item 9 Schools Consultation 2 Outcome.doc
IPOSTID-2-6726Edward Ball03/12/2018 12:42Julie Snook29/10/201928/11/2019
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 39 - 30 November 2018.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6733Leaine Diamond03/12/2018 12:41Julie Snook31/10/201930/11/2019
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 48 - 30 November 2018.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6732Leaine Diamond03/12/2018 12:41Julie Snook31/10/201930/11/2019
SSF 27 Nov 2018 Agenda Items 8 and 9.pptx
IPOSTID-2-6727Edward Ball03/12/2018 12:41Julie Snook29/10/201928/11/2019
SCC Property Design Standards and Guidance Version 3.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6731Lauren Highfield03/12/2018 12:41Julie Snook31/10/202130/11/2021
Schools Communication Dec 18.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6722Ben Martin26/11/2018 12:08Ben Martin26/11/2019
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 38 - 23 November 2018.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6721Leaine Diamond23/11/2018 12:44Leaine Diamond23/11/2019
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 47 - 23 November 2018.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6720Leaine Diamond23/11/2018 12:42Leaine Diamond23/11/2019
SSF 27 Nov 2018 Agenda Item 6 - SEPB update.docx
IPOSTID-2-6719Edward Ball22/11/2018 09:09Edward Ball22/11/2019
Schools Forum agenda and papers for 27th November 2018.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6718Edward Ball22/11/2018 09:05Edward Ball22/11/2019
Ipost circular - Leases.docx
IPOSTID-2-6717David Aston21/11/2018 11:09David Aston31/03/2020
Quick Reference Guide - Accordion Boxes.docx
IPOSTID-2-6716Jasper Conroy20/11/2018 14:25Jasper Conroy20/11/2019
SSF 7 Nov 2018 Notes of Meeting 3 October 2018.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6681Edward Ball20/11/2018 14:20Edward Ball05/11/2019
SSF 17 January 2018 Agenda Item 9 ISB 2018.19.docx
IPOSTID-2-6233Edward Ball20/11/2018 14:16Jasper Conroy25/12/201824/01/2019
Financial Guidance - Schools Financial Benchmarking.docx
IPOSTID-2-3143Ilse Hagley20/11/2018 14:07Ilse Hagley11/11/201911/12/2019
Form 10.xlsm
IPOSTID-2-6130Ilse Hagley20/11/2018 10:23Ilse Hagley12/05/201911/06/2020
KS2 Performance Data
IPOSTID-2-6715Tony Verrier19/11/2018 17:50Tony Verrier06/06/201706/07/2019
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