What's New displays all documents uploaded to iPost up to 14 days ago and offers you 4 options for filtering them, plus access to a full list of all iPost documents.

The majority of content on iPost is public.  Any documents which are not public have been restricted in accordance with the Exemptions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. 
iPost documents can be opened by the Document Audience to whom they are directed.  Non-public documents can only be opened by members of the relevant Document Audience groups.  Please refer to the 'Document Audience' column to confirm whether you will be able to download your chosen document.
To download from this list, click on the document Title.  In the window that opens up, containing details about the document (including who to contact about the content of the document), there is a further link that includes the document title - click on this.  If you are logged in and entitled to access the document, you will be able to do this.  If you are not logged in and entitled to access the document, you will be offered the login window.  If you are not entitled to access the document, you will see an 'Error: Access Denied' message - at this point 'Go back to site'.
Document Audience
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