This section of the site is for any individual or organisation working with children and young people.  In this section you will find all the latest legislation and advice and guidance relating to bullying and how to stop it. 

For guidance on the Equality Duty, which places specific duties on all schools, see guidance on iPost. The Equality Duty includes requirements to think about the need to eliminate discrimination, advance equality and foster good relations. This can include anti-bullying initiatives.

The British Medical Journal published a report in 2012 on the relationship between bullying and self-harm. Findings from the study of a representative sample of children in the UK include: 56% of the children aged 12 who had self-harmed were victims of frequent bullying; and compared with bullied children who did not self-harm, bullied children who self-harmed were distinguished by a family history attempted or completed suicide, concurrent mental health problems and a history of physical maltreatment by an adult.

Source: British Medical Journal 26 April 2012