We are a Church of England village school in the wonderful community that is Beckington, near Frome in Somerset.
Beckington School offers a skills based, creative curriculum, excellent teaching and a learning environment which is homely and friendly, as well as being educationally successful.
The school was built in 1852, and is now wholly maintained by Somerset Education Authority and the Church of England retains an interest in its management. The school caters for about ninety children between the ages of four and nine. At nine most children transfer to Selwood Middle School, in Frome, Somerset.
An extension to the school was completed in 2004 which comprises a hall, infant classroom and office accommodation.  Further building work completed in 2008, enabled us to create a group room.  We also have the luxury of a computer suite and library, which are organised so that teaching can be carefully tailored to meet the learning needs of each child. 

Adjacent to the school, in a beautiful setting, is the school garden - a place where children can often cherish a quiet moment, or experience outdoor play on the various pieces of climbing and balance equipment.  In 2010 four raised vegetable / flower beds were added. An outdoor classroom was created to enhance our outdoor provision, and a cycle / scooter shelter built, which has encouraged healthier ways of travelling to school. 
Opposite the school, just through the churchyard, is the school playing field. This is where the children enjoy outdoor games and play during the warmer and drier parts of the year. We also host football matches and other sports activities here with local schools.


MORNINGS                     Key Stage 1
9.15  -  12.15
Key Stage 2
9.15   -  12.30
AFTERNOONS                  1.15  -    3.15
Children should not arrive at school before 9.00 am and should be picked up in the afternoon by 3.25 pm.
Children are supervised in their classroom from 9.05 am.  Before 9.05 am, children are still the responsibility of the parent / carer.
It is important that children are not late for school.  Late arrival in the classroom can be upsetting for your child, and can affect the smooth running of the school.
Key Stage 1 
There is a fifteen minute break in the morning and afternoon.
Key Stage 2
There is a fifteen minute break in the morning.


School term dates for the next two years can be found here: http://www.somerset.gov.uk/education-learning-and-schools/school-life/school-term-dates-and-holidays/



Monday 2.45 am          Whole school

Tuesday 2.45 am          Singing

Wednesday -               Class assemblies

Thursday 2.45 pm        Family assembly

Friday 1.30 pm             Celebration assembly



While some of the older corridors and doorways of our single level school are quite narrow, access into the school through the main reception is step-free and allows for wheelchair entry. All rooms in the school are accessible and although one area of the school is connected by a short double step, access is available through an alternative entry. 

The disabled toilet is situated with the staff toilets outside the school office.

If you have any questions regarding accessibility issues please contact the school office using the details below.