The following are key features of the admissions policy:
• Parent/carers can express up to three preferences.
• Most schools across Somerset have a specific catchment area. Parents can determine from the catchment area their local school and whether their child is likely to receive priority for admission if the school is oversubscribed.
• School places are allocated on the basis of a pupil’s home address.  For a Somerset address to be taken into consideration, children must be resident in Somerset on or before the published application closing date. 
• The over-subscription criteria for all community and voluntary controlled schools support the inclusion of children in the care of the local authority, children with special educational needs, children from service families, family church links (should the applicant wish their child to attend a church school).
• For the purpose of measuring home to school distance, statutory walking routes, and the first 2 miles of any transport route, distance calculations will be measured using a straight-line measurement from the address point of the home to the address point of the school using the LA’s GIS mapping system.  In the case of multi-level dwellings such as flats, the staircase will be included in the distance measurement.
• Further information can be found on the Somerset County Council website at
Visitors to the school are always welcome.  If after reading this you would like to visit the school to find out more about the facilities.
Please contact the Headteacher to make an appointment.
 If you wish your child to start school at Brent Knoll Primary School please call Somerset Direct on 0845 4564038 or on-line at to request a place.