​​Welcome back to the Summer term.

The children in Donaldson class enjoyed learning about what life was like in the Victorian times. We  learnt about rich and poor children, Queen Victoria and what it would be like to be a Victorian school child. Our topic ended with a Victorian School Day. The children and staff dressed up in Victorian clothes experiencing what school life was like, dunce hat and all. 

In the first half of the Summer Term the children are learning about Artists. We will look at the works for Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet and Andy Goldsworthy. We will learn about making art on a large scale using natural materials. After half term our topic takes us to Mexico. The children will compare everyday life in Mexico with their own as well as learning about maps and atlases. 

We appreciate your continued support with your child's home learning and we have another reading challenge to look forward to for the Summer term. Year 1s will have their personal spelling lists to work through which will be updated termly.  A reminder for parents of children in Reception, don't forget to add any wonderful experiences of your child to their Tapestry journal. 

Parents of year 1 you can try the number bonds game to help at home - please follow the link Hit the Button​ 

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