​​​Welcome to Dr Seuss Class.

Throughout the year we will be learning about lots of fun and interesting topics.  We will start with our focus on Fairytales when we'll be storytelling, acting out and writing our favourite fairytales as well as thinking about their similarities and differences.  We will develop our colour mixing skills when painting fairytale castles and our baking skills when making gingerbread men.  

Our second topic has a history focus as we learn all about The Great Fire of London.  We will even recreate the fire itself to see how and why it spread using our own cereal box houses.  This will give us a great opportunity to think how we know what has happened in the past.  We'll work on improving our writing through diary and information writing.

After the Christmas break we will be exploring with our Exploration topic, learning all about the adventures of John Cabot and Ernest Shackleton.  This will be linked to our Science work on animals and their habitats, our geography work exploring our own local area and our work in English writing quest stories.  

The Victorians will be the focus on our next topic and we will look forward to learning more about Victorian inventions which have changed our lives, including making our own train models. This will give us great opportunities to improve our information writing and to write our own explanation texts.  

After Easter we will move onto our Artists topic, exploring a range of famous artists' work including Van Gogh and Monet and learning the techniques they became famous for.  We will research more about their lives and use their art as inspiration for writing.  This time of year is the perfect time for growing so our Science focus will be on plants. 

Our final topic will be about Mexico.  We will use our research skills to learn all about the country, its animals, food, language and people.  This will be a great opportunity to try some Mexican food and develop our instruction writing skills by writing recipes.  We'll spend time familiarising ourselves with the globe and map of the world so we can learn the names of the oceans and continents. 

Throughout the year we'll be developing our maths knowledge, understanding and reasoning in our year groups.  For our number work we'll start with a focus on place value and then move onto addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We'll then look at fractions.  Throughout this time we'll also focus on shape, direction, measure and graphs.  We'll improve our recall of number facts through our daily Maths Fun sessions.  Please help us by practising your child's number bonds at home with them, it makes such a difference. 

We'll continually develop our phonic knowledge through out daily phonics session and our grammar in our weekly grammar lesson.  These will be used in our main English lessons each day where we explore the topics above as a stimulus for writing for different purposes. 

This is just a snap shot of all the exciting learning we have planned for this year.  Please come in and ask if you'd ever like to know more about anything we're doing in class. 

Jenny Deacon and Lucy Beardsley​

Children have been using Hit the Button app in school. Please follow the link to find the game - Hit the button​ 

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