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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Home Learning Packs​​Badgers - Welcome to your Home Learning Packs​.  The new topic title for our Summer Term is 'CREATING CONNECTIONS!'.Please refer to our curriculum map (on this page) to see the full termly overview for Badger Class. 
As of Monday we will be welcoming back most of year 6 and some of year 5  Therefore, work will now be a mixture of home-learning and school work for those attending and just home-learning for those staying at home.  ​

Things to do this week: (w/c Mon 13th July)

Well we've made it to the last week of term!  As this is the final week I'm sure Year 6 will be very busy with their Leavers' plans.  Year 5 - We will be looking at the country of France this week in school.  However, I have put together some slightly more relaxed Maths and English tasks this week to finish off our term.  We hope you all have a fantastic summer and that we will see all of Year 5 back in September.

English - 

Year 5 Writing: This week, we are going to be doing some free writing.  When we looked at the Van Gogh paintings last term, the class produced some amazing poetry.  So this week we are going back to looking at some pictures.  Take a look at the images in the 'Back to School' folder and have a go at producing a piece of writing of your choice inspired by one of them!  There are some prompt questions for each picture to get you thinking but they are just for ideas.​  It can be any type of writing - a story, a poem, a diary entry, a letter - anything you feel inspired to write!  Just remember to use the best vocabulary that you can.


Keep reading at home!
There are two new news articles along with some tasks and parent guidance plus a reading comprehension task about Louis Braille.  There are also some braille activities to have a go at if you fancy it!​

​**HARRY POTTER FANS!! On the Wizarding World website, famous faces are reading a chapter each of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.       ​

Also, check out the staff read-along video (The Day The Crayons Quit) available to watch on the website in the video section (underneath the Super Home Learning section) or also on our school's Facebook page (ask Mum or Dad please).

Maths - Year 5 will be having a go at some 'Maths Mysteries'.​​

In order to solve each mystery a range of mathematical tasks need to be worked through.  Each one will provide you with a clue which you can use to eliminate various suspects.  Once you have completed all of the tasks you should have only one suspect left - the culprit!

I have included the answers for you to check but no peeking!!!

Here are last week's Oak Academy lessons if you want to finish them off:

 ​Lesson 1 - Representing decimals​Lesson 2 - Multiplication and division by 10, 100 and 1000​Lesson 3 - Adding and subtracting decimalsLesson 4 - Adding decimal numbersLesson 5 - Subtracting decimal numbers

Science - We are continuing to look at Electricity this half term.  Our first lesson is with the Oak National Academy and was about static electricity.  If you can find a balloon, you are actually be able to join in with the lesson!  Lesson 1 - Static Electricity

Lesson 2 - Components in an electical circuit

Lesson 3 - What are circuit diagrams?​

Lesson 4 - What are insulators and conductors?

 Lesson 5 - Changing components in a circuit

Art - Year 5 - This week we will be looking at the art of Georges Seurat who invented Pointillism (the art of painting with dots).  Have a look at the powerpoint to learn a bit about him and his style, then have a go at your own painting (if you don't have paints then felt tips may work as an alternative).

For one week only - French! - We will be learning about colours in French.  We will be 'Singing the Rainbow'.  Have a look at this video to learn the song in French:

Spellings - There will be a new edshed assignment each week (Monday to Friday moving forward​).  You can also have a go at the other games available.

*New EdShed spelling assignments available now - due by Friday 3rd July​.  If you haven't been logging on you're missing your chance to be Speller of the Week - perseverance and effort is rewarded - it's not always the person with the most right!  Well done to those who have completed all the assignments so far!​

Times Tables - TT Rockstars is always available.  There are also plenty of Maths games available on Maths Shed.
​​Mindfulness - Some relaxation and breathing exercises plus some artwork ideas to help you relax.​​

Time Capsule Event Challenge - Please continue working on the Event Challenge if you wish to do so!​ Plus, more ideas have been added for things you could add to our time capsule! ​​